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Aluminum Beam Design Software For Structural Engineers

Make Digital Canal Your Source for Aluminum Beam Design Software for Structural Engineers
If you’re looking for the latest in easy-to-use, reliable aluminum beam design software programs, look no further. We offer aluminum column design programs for structural engineers at competitive prices that help you fulfill your clients’ needs on time and under budget.

We know that meeting deadlines is crucial, but meticulous attention to detail and quality are essential to your reputation and success. That’s why more than 11,000 clients count on us to provide aluminum beam software for structural engineers.


A Selection of Aluminum Beam and Aluminum Column Design Software
Our software for beams and columns includes:

  • Concrete beam design
  • Concrete column design
  • Aluminum, steel, timber and concrete steel design
  • Flat slab analysis and design


Sales and Service Without the Middle Man
A big reason why we’re the go-to source for aluminum beam design software for structural engineering companies is because they don’t have to go through a third party that will add a mark-up and cost them time that they don’t have. At Digital Canal, we provide sales and service directly to our clients.

Our software is designed to be used by just about any engineer, with little downtime for training. However, if you have questions, our experienced developers and product managers are here to help, either via toll-free phone support or online. You choose the customer support and training that’s right for you, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.


The Unique Advantages of Digital Canal Software
Our aluminum beam software for structural engineers and all of our software programs offer:

  • The latest design codes
  • Custom reports
  • Annual upgrades, often with changes suggested by our clients
  • Flexibility that allows you to use the programs for just about all of your everyday tasks


Take Our Software for a Spin Before You Buy
We want our clients to be certain that the software program they’re purchasing will suit their specific needs. That’s why we offer a free demo and a free trial period on all of our software.

For more information on our aluminum beam design programs for structural engineers or any of our support and training services, call us toll-free or complete our quick and easy online contact form.

Our mission is simple: We want to help our clients be the most successful in the industry. We look forward to being your source for years to come for all of your structural design software needs.

For a Free Trial or Technical Specifications click here or call toll-free 800-449-5033.